Picture of the whole family

About Us

We come from Switzerland and since June 2021 we call Lakene Ostgård our new home.

It is difficult to say what made us decide to emigrate to Sweden.

I don’t think there is one main reason, it’s the sum total that made us take this step. Most likely, the desire for more nature, less hectic and pressure and probably also the desire to take on a new challenge. All this we have found here.

We are:

Mischa (trained forest engineer, handy hobby angler and mushroom picker). He loves craftsmanship, working in the background, tinkering and innovating, and of course, animals.

Romana (trained kindergarten teacher, communicative, creative nature lover). She looks forward to contact with people, likes the creative and the cheerful, but also nature on solitary walks.

Alma (student, musical, empathetic animal lover). She loves animals – big and small, enjoys farm life and nature.

Luca (student, football loving hobby angler). He likes to be on the move, preferably with a ball or quad, and when he’s still, it’s more so he doesn’t scare the fish away when he’s fishing.

Ria (dog, greeter and excellent sniffer). She thinks all visitors come exclusively because of her. We are happy to let her have this illusion.