Cheese dairy

In our cheese dairy we pasteurize the milk and make cheese from it in the traditional way. This means our cheese is not an industrial cheese and there is a lot of handwork and love in it. The milk comes from the farms in our area.

16 years ago a Dutch family started to produce cheese here… Since then the brand “Lakene Ostgård” has grown and enjoys great popularity. In the meantime, about 6,500 KG of cheese per year leave the farm…

We are proud that our cheese “Saliga selma” is an ingredient in one of the most exclusive hamburgers in Sweden!

Our cheeses

The recipe, of course, remains our secret. Only this much can be revealed:
The basic recipe is the same for all cheeses and is similar to Dutch Gouda. The difference in taste is made by the addition of herbs and the different length of maturation. Only the Eldost, our grilled cheese is made a little differently.

Saliga Selma

Saliga Selma is a mild and creamy cheese. Aged for about 2 months. Perfect for a breakfast sandwich. It owes its name to the famous Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf, who lived not far from here.

Gammel Pär

The award-winning Gammel Pär (gold medal at the SM in food crafts) is a well-matured, very tasty cheese. It matures for about 1 year and has a flavor reminiscent of Parmesan. Excellent on a sandwich or in a salad, as a grated cheese with pasta or on a cheese platter.


Our award-winning fenugreek cheese (gold medal at the SM in food crafts) has a delicious walnut flavor. The seeds of the clover plant are mixed into the curd and give the cheese its characteristic flavor. Perfect in a salad, on a sandwich or on a cheese platter.


The truffle cheese is flavored with small pieces of black truffle. (This black truffle comes from Italy). The cheese can be used in various dishes, over eggs, pasta or even pizza.

Wild garlic

Our popular wild garlic cheese matures for at least 2 months and has a mild garlic, onion and chive flavor. Excellent for a sandwich or a cheese platter.


Eldost is a protected trademark. We as a member of “sveriges gårdsmejerister” have the license/permission to produce and sell Eldost®.

It is excellent for grilling or frying. Eldost® has a mild, creamy and delicate cheese flavor.

About the cheese dairy

The cheese factory consists of old and new buildings, united in one. In it there are various rooms, also the farm café (Gårdsbutik) and the guest toilet.

Production room/ manufacture
Our milk tank has a maximum capacity of 600 liters. In one production run we can produce 4 Gammel Pär or 12 small cheeses, such as fenugreek cheese. Pasteurization, cooling, cutting, stirring are all done by machine, but filling the molds is manual labor and requires some muscle power.

After filling, the cheese mass is pressed. After some time the cheese comes into the salt bath.

Cheese storage with sal

After the salt bath (Gammel Pär 4 days, the small ones 2 days) the cheese is covered with a coating layer, which protects it from pests and drying out. Then it lies in the cheese warehouse to ripen.

Once it has matured sufficiently, it is cut into larger or smaller pieces according to the customer’s wishes and vacuum-packed. Thus, it can be kept for a longer time again.